Richmond Approves First Medical Marijuana Production Facililty

Dec 19 2017, 10:02 am

MediJean becomes first company in the new Health Canada medical marijuana industry to pass through a new rigorous community-based municipal approval process. This groundbreaking process ensured that the community had a voice as to whether they approved of the proposed operation.

In an historic vote last night, the City of Richmond’s Council passed a site specific rezone for the industrial building that MediJean houses its headquarters in, pending Health Canada licensing. The vote last night grants MediJean the required municipal approval to operate their medical marijuana facility within a municipality that has banned any operations of this type.

“The Mayor and Councillors have done their civic duty,” said Chris Dollard, chief operating officer at MediJean. “They put us through a rigorous process, they dissected every component of our business, they ensured our operation would not have any impact on the City and we respect them for that. Throughout the process it always remained about an open line of communication between us and the City.”

MediJean and the City of Richmond have defined how a medical marijuana company and a prosperous city can work together to ensure the community’s needs are looked after. The two have worked in conjunction for over a year to guarantee that the City knew every facet of MediJean’s operations.

As a means of controlling the new medical marijuana program, the City of Richmond initially refused to grant business licenses and specific building permits to MediJean. They later passed a by-law banning all medical marijuana operations in the City without the applicants going through a diligent rezoning process that ensured Council would be the final determinant of whether the proposed company was right for the community.

“The fact that we achieved this accomplishment speaks loudly to the thoroughness of our approach,” said Anton Mattadeen, chief strategy officer at MediJean. “Members of our team have been focused specifically on how to communicate this new business in this emerging industry. We have continuously tried to fight the stigma associated with this medicine and highlight how there are patients who need it. Our entire communication strategy has been and will continue to be to achieve this end.”

MediJean is not simply another medical marijuana producer. They are a corporate citizen that is shaping the debate for the new industry. They continue to invest heavily to ensure their operation is completely transparent, fully audit-able, quality assured and research based.

MediJean is leading the rebirth of medical marijuana through a laser focus on research, quality and patient experience by implementing best practices here and around the world. Doctors and nurse practitioners will understand and safely prescribe it within a clinical framework, patients will have access to clean and affordable medicine, and research partners will help the company expand the frontiers of medical marijuana in the years ahead. To learn more about MediJean and their plan to lead this new industry visit and signup for their regular updates. Doctors and nurse practitioners are encouraged to contact MediJean to arrange a discussion of their practices and/or a tour of their facility.

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