Richest people in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 6:41 am

Canadian Business magazine compiled a top 100 Richest People in Canada list and then further broke it down by city. Here are the top five richest people in Vancouver, led by East Vancouver’s very own Jimmy Pattison.

1. Jimmy Pattison, 84
Worth: $6.14B, +7.09%
Overall rank: 5
Vancouver, Jim Pattison Group

2. Chip Wilson, 57
Worth: $3.51B, +23.05%
Overall rank: 5
Vancouver, Lululemon Althetica Inc.

3. Lalji family
Worth: $2.25B, +9.7%
Overall rank: 24
Vancouver, Larco Investments Ltd.

4. Bob Gaglardi, 71
Worth: $2.08B, +30%
Overall rank: 26
Vancouver, Northland Properties Ltd.

5. Chan family
Worth: $1.03B, +4.8%
Overall rank: 67
Vancouver, Burrard International Holdings Inc.

Image: Chip Wilson via Lululemon video screen grab