Review: Aria Beauty

Savvy women know that the tools in your styling arsenal can make your hairdo a big hit or miss. Many of us are guilty of at one time or another shelling out hundreds for the latest and greatest in hair tools. The reality is with some many products on the market, it’s hard to know what works. Here I review a few products from Aria Beauty, a new line that is just breaking into the market.

1.5″ Salon Series Titanium Stylers

If you’re looking for a straightener that looks sleek, this is the one for you. With a chic matte black exterior and Titanium gold plates, this guy says professional hair stylist. It heats to 450°F (230°C) very quickly. In about 15 seconds it will be hot enough to work with and when you hit the 1 minute mark, it is ready to go – meaning zilch waiting time. Always a perk as it seems that we’re always ironing our hair as we run out the door. Am I right?

The digital screen is a nice touch and it lights up blue when it’s plugged in. It’s a small feature that I appreciate as if you’re like me you’ll have two or three appliances out and only two outlets available for use. Best of all, the screen goes green when it reaches its set temperature so even if you’re not looking too closely and fixing your makeup, you’ll know when it’s ready for use. It uses far-infared heat that preserves moisture in the hair shaft and protects the cuticle. The plates themselves in this model are very thin, so if you have any tiny baby hairs that you need to grab, you’ll get pretty close to the root. In my opinion, this guy is best for straightening your locks in a sleek look.

Pluses: salon chic design, dual voltage so you can use it virtually anywhere around the world, and heats up in seconds.

Les Fleurs 100% Ceramic Pro Styler

This model uses the same far-infared heat technology but has rounded edges so curls are perfectly rounded. Again, a small feature but coming from a regular straightener, it’s a subtle difference I can appreciate. The ceramic plates ‘float’ meaning there are springs that contract to absorb pressure, so maneuvering and styling is that much more gentle. It’s very light-weight and easy to use but the curls tended to fall out a bit quicker than expected if you’re styling at night time and sleeping on your hairdo like I often do.

The exterior of the plates get warm (as it should when its going up to 400 degrees!) but as it has some heat control you’ll be able to touch the outsides without too much issue. This way, you can control the tool very carefully to curl, flip or twists your locks exactly as you want.

Pluses: dual voltage, heats up in seconds and the rounded edges really make curling your hair a little bit smoother

Ruby Cougar 25mm Tourmaline Clipless Curler

Finally, my chance to try a clipless curler. Generally, love that it gives that true barrel curl throughout the entire hair strand as that is difficult to achieve with a straightening iron. I liked the shape of the curl I achieve when the wand was facing downward and with a little practice, I think this will become a handy tool.

Again, heats up very quickly and with the protective styling glove, I feel like I had much more control of the tool than that what the straightener can offer. Although it uses the same far-infared heat technology, the curls ended up staying much longer and looked great on day two for a loose wavy look. While this tool doesn’t have a temperature control (only an on and off option), I found that the temperature was ideal for use so it wasn’t much of an issue.

Pluses: dual voltage, heats up in seconds and gives a true barrel curl

1/2″ Mini hair straightener

 This guy is a 1/2″ very mini sized straigtener with the same technology and design of the Les Fleurs Pro Styler. It’s great for the office (think of those Friday night cocktails) and fits in your purse easily.

The Les Flures Pro Styler, mini hair straightener and clipless  curler are packaged together in the Crimson Tiger Allure Beauty Box set.

You can find Aria Beauty Products at the following local BC-based retailers: