Resolution Schmesolution

New year, new beginning. Is the saying a charge of motivation or justification to unleash, without guilt, our inner consumerist? This time of the year we unabashedly gobble down sweets, savouries, and spirits all the while promising to start anew in January. Many people pencil into the new year some form of self betterment, but most revert back to their pre-December ways because chances are if it’s not important enough to do it now, it will most likely get put off in 2013 as well. This is why most new year’s resolutions don’t pan out. Here are the most commonly failed new year’s resolutions sprinkled with some helpful tips.

Get fit. Gym memberships up 60 per cent in January and leveling out to normal numbers by mid February is old news. Your brain gets a workout as it constantly thinks up excuses why you can’t go. Going requires gobs of motivation and discipline, which are spent after a workday. If you were never a gym junkie, a membership may not be a worthwhile resolution. Instead, sign up for a class or sport, like kick-boxing. Open yourself up to learning a new skill and interact with new faces at the same time. You may not even realize you’re exercising. Classes and sports have regimented schedules that force you to show up at a certain time, unlike the gym where the only sign of you going is on your bank statement.

Quit smoking. This is an incredible feat to overcome and not for the half-hearted. It’s a serious commitment, probably for the rest of your life. If you’re going cold turkey and find yourself calling mercy and lighting up – it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it and quit quitting. Start over again. You might continually find yourself in that cycle, but remember it’s not the end of it and persevere. In time, those moments will become fewer and further in between. This is from a recovering smoker.

Save money/reduce debt. Our intentions are good, but the bills, necessities, and other money guzzlers carry over into the new year. One easy solution is to walk into your bank and sit down with a financial advisor. Set up a debiting plan where set dollar amount is transferred daily or weekly from your chequing account to your credit card or into your savings account. Whatever plan you workout with your bank is up to you, the hardest part is simply going to your bank.

Volunteering. We lead demanding lifestyles and free time is like gold. If you want to spend it entombed in blankets with a book, don’t feel guilty. Who said volunteering had to be a regular, scheduled thing? It’s volunteering – not work. Non-profits are grateful for any help they receive and if everybody lent a hand once or twice a year, the world would be slightly…utopian.

Stress less. Life isn’t a boatful of gravy all the time; stress is one of life’s ills. That’s reality. All you can do is cope and mosey on. Counseling, meditation, acupuncture, walks, fresh air, and drinking tea are things that allow a frazzled mind a bit of a break.

In the words of Oprah, “live your best life.” Happy New Year everyone.

Photo by Ondrejk