Resist 2010 Launch "Brainwash the Youth of Vancouver" Rhetoric Tour

Dec 19 2017, 3:53 am

So many Vancouver school teachers are apparently in bed with the Resist 2010 group, great. Not only do many teachers these days not give a shit about the kids since they are only concerned with collecting a bigger pay cheque (for working 9 months out of the year) whilst disguising their unrest as some sort of kids deserve better bullshit, they are now in the business of spreading the lazy man’s propaganda.

For those of you who don’t know who Resist 2010 is let me enlighten you. They are the people so adamantly against the Olympics because it is an environmental calamity and corporate schmooze fest. Yes the very Olympics that have led to an increase in rapid transit (Canada Line), more social housing (Olympic Village, Pennsylvania Hotel etc…) all the while meeting high environmental standards and employing thousands. Who needs that, right? Furthermore, they are using Dora the Explorer as their official purveyor of anti-corporate rhetoric. These are after all elementary school kids they are brainwashing so that makes total sense.

Continue reading to see the kinds of messages your kids will be learning from this gang of dissidents.

For instance, bringing down power lines during the Olympics “are forms of resistance that people engage in,” says Gordon Hill one of the masterminds behind Resist 2010.

– source: The Province

The rationale behind this seemingly childish behaviour and egregious waste of tax payer dollars is oppression. Yes, these asshats feel oppressed because they can’t seem to land a decent job or refuse to work for “the man” all the while still expecting to live in Vancouver, downtown Vancouver that is. Get the fuck outta here!

Tackling so called radical corporate greed (who by the way employ hundreds of thousands in this province) with your own radical rhetoric bullshit achieves nothing. All this will do is further the divide in society. Way to go jackasses!

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