The wine brand rescuing people from bad dates this weekend

Aug 26 2021, 2:40 pm

We’ve all been there before: a date app match followed by weeks of flirtatious texting, only for all that promising chemistry to culminate in a painfully bad first date.

Dating out of lockdown has been nothing short of a headache. Traditionally, this involves calling in backup — usually in the form of an “emergency call” from your bff. 

Oops. Something urgent just came up, I have to run!

If you’ve been fantasizing about a post-pandemic romance but all of your dates end up duds, worry not, BABE Wine is coming to the rescue. 

Next time you find yourself on a date with someone who has more red flags than an amusement park, you can call in backup in the form of a wine-filled chariot. No, but for real. 

BABE wine — the brand that’s making wine less boring with its bubbly canned version — is putting its finest to task with a Date Relief Squad in Vancouver this weekend.

Armed with rosé, helpful rickshaw drivers, and cute merch, the BABE Date Relief Squad will be hitting the streets of Vancouver on August 27 and August 28 to save you from your disastrous dates. 

All you have to do is DM @babecanada to get picked up by the BOY BYE BUGGY and whisked away to the nearest Rosé Spot, where you can spill the tea to the BABE Date Relief Squad in exchange for a sample of Babe Rosé (only if you’re legal drinking age, of course). 

Not in the city this weekend? Fear not. Submit your disaster dating story to @babecanada and they’ll reward you with some retail therapy. You can thank us later. 

BABE Wine’s DATE RELIEF SQUAD in Vancouver this Weekend


  • Friday at Denman and Davie Street
  • Saturday at Pacific and Burrard Street


  • Friday, August 27 from 7 pm to 10 pm ​
  • Saturday, August 28 from 7 pm to 10 pm

How: Stay tuned for the latest details by following @babecanada

BABE Wine is available in liquor stores across BC.

To learn more about the wine you’d want to drink wine with, visit

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