Rescued false killer whale calf shows signs of improvement (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 7:25 pm

The Vancouver Aquarium’s rescue and treatment efforts for the false killer whale are paying off. Two weeks after being found weak and injured, the mammal is showing the first signs of recovery.

The calf has met a major milestone in its health to the point that it now nurses from a bottle, which means he can be fed more regularly rather than solely relying on tube feeding.

Nursing from a bottle is one of the signs that veterinarians at the Vancouver Aquarium have been looking for to indicate progress.

“The suckling is a great sign of improvement,” Vancouver Aquarium head veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena told Vancity Buzz. “The calf has been slowly increasing his strength, buoyancy and coordination. He will need to get better at feeding from the bottle over the next few days in order for that to be the only way we provide nutrition, but this is a great start.”

The Vancouver Aquarium and its Marine Mammal Rescue Centre are self-supporting non-profit organizations. Individuals that would like to help fund the ongoing care for the false killer whale calf can click here to donate.

Watch the calf feeding here:

[youtube id=”QuOU_CrsGQg”]


Feature Image: Neil Fisher

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