Rescue Me: Suzy Wigglebum finally finds a home

Jun 20 2016, 11:49 pm

You know how some dogs just look like they’re smiling?  That’s Suzy, or Suzy Wigglebum, as she was nicknamed in shelter. You can’t not be happy when you see her wagging her whole body.

I wrote about the aging pit bull earlier this year, after she’d been at the West Vancouver SPCA for ages. Too long.

She was surrendered for the same reason thousands of dogs are: her family couldn’t find rental housing that allowed pets. Her owner actually slept in his car with her for several months before making the heartbreaking decision to surrender her.


Image: BC SPCA

But despite months of promotion through the BC SPCA’s social media channels, and an article shared thousands of times, no one wanted Suzy. To make matters worse, her health was fading and she was stressed out.

That’s until Ian and Niio saw her on the SPCA website and decided to go for a visit.

In this edition of Rescue Me, the new dog owners share their love for this cuddle bug, in their own words.


Image: BC SPCA

Ian: I always thought I’d buy from a breeder. But I saw her big smile and I was smitten. Suzy was a super excited dog and wanted to meet us immediately. The SPCA compound seemed to rile her up. We were able to take her for a walk and she calmed down as a soon as we were away from the building. She walked very well and even listened to a few commands.

Niio: I was so excited, which made her excited, which make me more excited, and it all escalated into tears. I knew I couldn’t wait to hold her and cuddle her and to get to know her.


Image: Ian Sheh

Ian: After that first visit I didn’t know if we were going to adopt Suzy yet. We decided to go back the next weekend to visit her again, and it was that visit that really made up my mind to adopt her.

Niio: I knew after our first visit that we were going to adopt Suzy. She gave me a hug right before we left.

Ian: Pit bulls do not do well with stress. The stress usually manifests as stomach issues. In the 75 days that Suzy was at the SPCA she had lost a lot of weight and developed those stress-related health issues. The SPCA wanted to make sure that Suzy’s health was on the mend. Part of healing was to find comfort in a new home.


Image: Ian Sheh

Niio: I knew we were going to adopt after we first met her. She’s a total cuddle monster! She gets so excited to cuddled she’ll roll off the bed trying to nozzle in.

Ian: At home she’s a big couch potato. Or rather a bed potato. She’s a really good apartment dog. Mostly wants to sleep or lay around wherever we are. She loves to have her bum scratched.


Image: Ian Sheh

Niio: She’s the biggest sweetheart. She love to have her face and paws held when we nap. And when we walk she love to smell the flowers.

Ian: All of the flowers. Every possible flower she can find. Suzy has a laser focus when playing catch. Nothing else in the world matters when the ball comes out and she can chase after it. She forgets to drink water, and sometimes even forgets to breathe.

Niio: She waited long enough for a home, were just the lucky two that were allowed to take her home. It’s been great! I’m so happy we adopted. She got a second chance and turned us into a little family. Adopting was the right choice for us and we will continue to adopt rather than buy.

You can follow Suzy’s antics on Instagram.

And check out the BC SPCA for more fantastic adoptable dogs.

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