60 rescue dogs getting flight path to Vancouver

Sep 27 2016, 10:49 pm

Dozens of homeless dogs plucked from US shelters will soon be calling Metro Vancouver home thanks to a group that helps fly dogs to a new happy life.

Starting next week, the Vancouver-based Thank Dog I Am Out Rescue (TDIAO) will start pulling dogs from high-kill shelters in Northern California to prepare them for their new lives in Canada.

The dogs will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and brought up to date on vaccines and brought to a farm sanctuary before being flown to Vancouver in early November.

The majority of the pups are under 30 pounds, and are a mix of puppies, Chihuahuas, terrier mixes, and lovable mutts.

The dogs are being flown by private flight to Landmark Aviation at YVR. After spending a night decompressing with experienced dog handlers, a public adoption event will be held on Sunday, November 6.


Only 85 pre-approved adopters and their families will be allowed on the adoption floor, so if you’re interested in adopting sign up on the Thank Dog I Am Out website.

Susan Patterson of TDIAO said its team puts together extensive profiles on each dog, so that they can try to make the best match possible.

“This way when our pre-approved adopters come onto the floor we will be able to direct them to the dogs that meet their lifestyle based on our home check and reference checks,” she said.

“All the dogs and the adopters have a much better experience and we have more control over the matching of the right dog to the right family.”

The owner of three rescue dogs himself, Virgin Radio host Jonny Staub will be hosting the event.

Staub says he is thrilled to be a part of an experience that gives a second chance to so many great dogs.

“It pains me to see any animal, regardless of their geographical location, unable to have a proper place to call home. TDIAO is giving them a second chance,” he said.

Jonny Staub at the 2015 Landmark Aviation event (Darcy Matheson).

Jonny Staub at the 2015 Landmark Aviation event (Darcy Matheson).

Staub says the idea that shelters dogs are poorly behaved or somehow worse than breeder or pet stores dogs is absolutely a misconception.

“It’s incredible what you can find out there. There really is a dog for everyone – Calm, active, well behaved, loving pups that will cost you less than a breeder,” he said.

Any dogs that aren’t adopted at the YVR event will be moved into pre-approved foster homes and will be posted on its website and social media pages.

After four large-scale cross-border adoption events in recent years, Thank Dog I Am Out has saved over 600 at-risk dogs.

Patterson said it’s hoping to make further strides in helping dogs in northern B.C. communities that are struggling with pet overpopulation.

To learn more about the event and the adoptable dogs, visit the TDIAO website.

Four of the pups adopted at the 2015 event (TDIAO).

Four of the pups adopted at the 2015 event (TDIAO).

One of the adoptable TDIAO pups (TDIAO).

One of the adoptable TDIAO pups (TDIAO).

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