RentGeek Makes Moving Easy

Dec 19 2017, 5:10 am

The pain that is moving. Moving is frustrating and time consuming. When looking for a place information is scattered and users have to open multiple browsers. Finding a place is more than just the physical home, the neighbourhood and convenience factor affects your lifestyle and come into play. Enter Vancouver start up RentGeek. They make renting a lot easier.

What is RentGeek?

RentGeek is a personalized rental site that focuses on helping users find a place that matches their lifestyle. You can think of them as a local friend who knows your lifestyle and can safely recommend you areas that would fit your needs. You complete a fun and easy survey that allows RentGeek to understand your profile to recommend appropriate neighborhoods that matches your requirements. Whether it’s determining the commute times, or the areas with the best nightlife, RentGeek computes the analytics to find you the perfect area.

Recognizing that neighborhood information can be overwhelming, they display relevant information while hiding the rest. The site provides data on demographic statistics, travelling times, local reviews and neighborhood info including safety scores. All of the data is pulled organically through reliable government sites and sources. The best part is that the site displays everything in a clean and slick layout. Once you’ve determined your neighborhood, you can continue searching for apartments and homes for rent. The personalized information is continued through the search and RentGeek helps you rate each listing based on your lifestyle needs for an easy comparison. It’s Renting made Simple…

Their Goal

Their goal is to make the users feel like they already experienced the neighborhood before setting foot there. Currently, there is a disconnect between online browsing and the actual viewing of the property. RentGeek closes the gap and creates an experience that educates renters on the area before their first visit.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been through the frustration of the rental process, and it shouldn’t be this hard. RentGeek hopes to help individuals a simple way to understand a city without being here and make a smart moving decision.

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