Spotted on Reddit: Commuter tries to stop SkyTrain with grocery bag

Jun 30 2017, 10:28 pm

If you’re a regular SkyTrain / Canada Line commuter, you’ve likely heard the automated warnings during rush hour kindly remind you that “holding train doors is unsafe and causes delays.”

Of course this isn’t always an easy warning to adhere to. After all, that warning is for others, right? You, on the other hand, are special and have somewhere really important to be.

And if you’re running late and everyone else is following the rules by refusing to hold the door open for you, what are you to do?

Well, you could try other options. But we can’t guarantee they’ll work

Case in point: The hopeful person who tossed this shopping bag onto the train in an effort to delay it just a few moments longer so they could get on.

It didn’t work. The train doors simply closed on the bag and kept on rolling.

And an eagle-eyed Reddit user named 4pocrypha caught the aftermath.

Photo: 4pocrypha / Reddit

So, is it a lesson learned?

We can only hope.

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