How to land a cool career in tech

Jun 9 2016, 1:21 am

Technology’s getting bigger and better, but that’s old news to a generation growing up with 3D printers building concrete houses and self-driving cars.

But simply understanding today’s technology isn’t enough to help you succeed in a career. In fact, relying on just this can eventually make you obsolete in the ever-changing tech industry.

Red Academy is a Vancouver-based design and technology school that employs experts who know what it takes to compete in both the present and future career landscape. It’s currently offering a free Career Coaching Session this Wednesday, 29nd June 6pm to anyone interested tech. Meet industry professionals, find out what jobs are available, and answer your questions about career outcomes in the tech industry.

Not only are these jobs in high-demand, but they also come with competitive salaries and job perks that the tech industry is known for, like flexible work schedules, limitless vacation, and plenty of free beer on tap.

Here are five cool tech careers that you can land with the right training.

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

According to a recent study, 80% of companies are increasing their digital marketing budgets. From targeting audiences to creating a brand strategy, digital marketers analyze data in order to create effective content, social media, and brand strategy. Learn more about Digital Marketing.

2. UX Designer

Creating an experience for the customer has become essential to a brand’s success, which is why UX Designers are so sought-after. Creative and analytical personalities excel in this position, in particular those with a psychology, sociology, or research background. Their job is to make the interaction between the user and the company easy, accessible, and streamlined; a critical role that companies are willing to pay big money for. Learn more about UX Design.

3. Community Manager

Five years ago, a company’s social media was still an afterthought, often cast off to the marketing coordinator or receptionist. It was much more reactive than proactive, but there’s no denying the influence that platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have on its audiences. A community manager has therefore become an essential component to every marketing strategy.

4. Mobile Marketers

Our phones have become an extension of ourselves – and marketers know that. That’s why agencies and organizations are beginning to hire mobile marketers with expertise in developing specific app experiences that target customers on popular mobile devices.

5. Influencer

It’s not just celebrities that have the power to sell. Influencers have become a serious entity in their own right, earning thousands of dollars to post one photo on Instagram or plug a product on YouTube. The power of social media has given many #instafame status thanks to their devout followers, and hence a new career path.

If you want to learn more about these new careers that are in high-demand, RED Academy offers part-time and full-time courses that will equip you with the skills you need. Classes for the July 4 enrolment are filling up fast, so act fast and secure your spot. Contact RED Academy to learn more.


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