Why your future job may not exist

Dec 19 2017, 9:42 pm

With the tech world constantly changing, it’s important now more than ever to invest in an education that teaches you how to keep up.

RED Academy is a Vancouver-based digital media and tech school that’s helping its students do just that by offering cutting edge technologies as they emerge. By consistently updating its curriculums and researching new programs to launch, all courses not only prepare students for the current job market, but helps them prepare for ones that don’t yet exist. To do this, the school instills an innovative mentality within students so they can keep up with any emerging trends.

“At RED, we want our students to succeed. For example our full-time Web-Developer Professional Program is designed through research to meet the specific needs of the ever-changing job market, teaching our students JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, and much more,” said RED Academy managing director Colin Mansell.

Within the last 10 years we’ve witnessed massive changes within the tech industry, signalling new careers. But once unconventional jobs like digital marketing, app development, and social media are now everyday job titles. RED Academy recognizes this issue and as a result, keeps up with new tech trends which are reviewed after the completion of each cohort.

Options may include the UX Designer Professional Course, Digital Marketing and Strategy Professional course, and Web Developer Professional Course. Each course is led by industry experts who train web designers, digital creators, developers, and digital marketers how to keep up with new technology so they’re not left behind. By keeping their minds open, students can adjust for various possibilities, including jobs that don’t yet exist.

One example may include today’s rapid evolution of the virtual realty discipline which could migrate to the realm of augmented reality. Different jobs such as the Augmented Reality Designer could emerge. Even in the stages of its infancy, a career like this one would pave the way for many others, but only for those who have the ability and willingness to adjust.

As part of this, graduates know how to stay ahead of technology through an awareness of its evolution and studying the progress of each given discipline. RED Academy also teaches students the importance of taking on new experiences through side projects and volunteering positions within new industries. Last but not least, RED Academy grads will understand the importance of trying new softwares, platforms, and tools to help ensure that future learning is as effortless as possible so they’re not left behind.

The result is the development of an adaptable mentality, giving each student a stronger job outlook.

Check out Red Academy for more information about its programs. Better yet, attend the school’s free sampler sessions and its upcoming Jobs of the Future panel session. The event will feature top industry experts discussing how changing roles and skill sets have made a difference in the tech landscape, as well as roles that could emerge in the next five to 10 years. For information on these events, click here.

Whether you’re a university student, graduated, or looking to gain additional skills for your current job, you’ll find a program that works with your schedule. Keep tabs on recent Red Academy news via Instagram and Twitter.

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