Discover how you can use design to create a better world at this Vancouver event

Feb 22 2018, 4:45 am

Are you a disrupter looking for your next big challenge? Or a designer looking for some true inspiration?

Here’s a fun fact: Good design can solve anything. But you don’t have to take our word for it. On Thursday, March 15 RED Academy is hosting an event that could help you change the way you work, and start thinking like a designer.

You’re going to want to clear your calendar to spend the evening at the West Broadway tech school because you’ll get to hear talks from a panel of social innovators, tech entrepreneurs, UX and UI designers, and philanthropists on how you can use a human design-centric approach to solve society’s most complex challenges.

Design class/RED Acamdey

Panelists confirmed include:

Just think about it, maybe all you’re missing is hearing valuable insight from others who have navigated and succeeded in tech, design, and entrepreneurship. Now you’ll have the chance to hear stories right from those who made it happen at RED Academy and discover how combining multiple design elements can improve the world we live in.

Tickets to the event cost just $10 each and you can snap up yours via Eventbrite. All proceeds will be going to Motionball, a charitable event that RED Academy is participating in to support the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

And you don’t have to have a background in tech to go. In fact, if you’re interested in switching up the gears and pursuing a digital career, it’s the perfect reason to attend. As a technology and design school, RED Academy offers full and part-time courses in UX/UI Design, Web/Application Development, and Digital Marketing.

The best part is that each course is unique. Forget what you know about generic courses with huge class sizes, RED Academy is the opposite. Small class sizes mean you get to learn the skills and tools needed to stand out in the world of work today, plus, you have the chance to work on community projects with real-client work.

The future is in your hands at RED Academy, and you can choose the direction you want to take to live a better, happier life, while making your community stronger while you’re at it (with all the support you need from your school right behind you).

For more information about programs that could help shape your career, visit RED Academy.

Designing the Future We Desire – RED Academy

When: March 15
Time: 6 to 8:30 pm 
 RED Academy – 1490 West Broadway #200
Price: $10 – Register via Eventbrite

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