RCMP patrol boat set adrift in the path of SeaBus

Dec 19 2017, 9:23 pm

A RCMP patrol boat berthed at a dock on the Lonsdale waterfront in North Vancouver was set adrift late Thursday night.

According to a release, the PV Inkster was drifting in the path of the SeaBus route just after midnight, prompting a dispatch of the RCMP to retrieve their boat. CCTV surveillance footage indicates two unknown males untied the boat’s moorings from St. Roch Dock, located next to Lonsdale Quay, just after 11 p.m.

The Coast Guard assisted the retrieval effort, and the boat was eventually towed back to the dock without any damages.

“The potential consequences could have been extremely dangerous,” said Cpl. Geoff Harder of the North Vancouver RCMP in a statement. “There was a real potential for people to be hurt and as well for damage to other boats in the area.”

Police are investigating the incident and are attempting to identify the men, who are facing multiple Criminal Code offences such as criminal negligence and mischief.

Anyone with information that could assist investigators is asked to contact the North Vancouver RCMP at 604-985-1311.