RCMP issue warning for sex offender who broke probation, now living in Richmond

Dec 19 2017, 11:05 am

RCMP is warning Richmond residents to be aware of the presence of 22-year-old Kosta Tsekouras who will now be living in the municipality.

He has been deemed a high risk for repeat offending. Tsekouras was released on a peace bond for incidents dating back to 2010.

Now living in Richmond, he must stay away from children and can only be out in the community with a court appointed supervisor or a responsible family member. He subsequently breached the conditions of his release and was sentenced to jail for six months.

Some of the conditions include that he is not to attend parks, public pools, playgrounds, schools or daycares and is not to engage in any activity with anyone under 16 years old.

Tsekouras is 6’3 tall and 220 pounds and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Our concern here is that Mr. Tsekouras does have a criminal record with a sexual offence conviction and several entries for failing to comply with probation order,” said Cpl. Stephanie Ashton. “Public safety comes first and it’s necessary to advise the public so they can take the necessary steps if approached by him. In cases like this, members of the public need to know the Court-ordered conditions that are intended to protect them.

He is not to be outside of his residence without a designated probation staff member or family member. If you see Tsekouras breaching the conditions of his release, call 911 immediately.


Source/Image: RCMP