"Absolute bullshit": Raptors' Lowry tells uncensored truth about Trump's travel ban (VIDEO)

Jan 30 2017, 8:04 pm

Kyle Lowry isn’t a politician, but he knows the difference between right and wrong.

He also isn’t afraid to tell the uncensored truth.

With that in mind, nobody should be surprised about the comments from Raptors’ All-Star point guard when asked about Donald Trump’s travel ban.

“I think it’s bullshit,” Lowry said when asked about the travel ban at Raptors practice. “I think it’s absolute bullshit. I mean, our country is the home of the free and for that to happen, I think is bullshit. I mean, I’m not going to get into it too deeply, but personally I think it’s bullshit.”

A member of the media asked if Lowry would be willing to rephrase without swearing.

“No. Not at all. Ya’ll got to bleep that out. That’s how I feel about it. If you use it, you use it.”

Lowry was dead serious in his comments and you can understand why.

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The president of his country signed an executive order on Friday, barring anyone with citizenship of seven Muslim-majority countries from the US for 90 days.

The controversial decision has sparked widespread protest around the globe, including in Lowry’s home city of Philadelphia where thousands turned up at the airport to protest.

Here’s the full clip:

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