Rap, country music linked to lower class: UBC study

Dec 19 2017, 11:30 pm

A new study from UBC suggests people who listen to rap, country, disco, easy listening, heavy metal and hip hop are less educated and in a lower socio-economic class.

“Breadth of taste is not linked to class. But class filters into specific likes and dislikes,” said Gerry Veenstra, study author and professor at UBC’s Department of Sociology.

People who are more educated and wealthy tend to listen to classical music, reggae, blues, jazz, opera, rock and pop.

According to the study, a person’s breadth of musical tastes are most influenced by class and other factors such as gender, immigrant status and ethnicity.

Veenstra says what people don’t listen to could also influence musical tastes.

“What upper class people like is disliked by the lower class, and vice versa,” said Veenstra.

The study involved nearly 1,600 telephone interviews with people from both Toronto and Vancouver who were asked about their likes and dislikes about 21 different musical genres.

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