Ranking the Blue Jays' rookie dress-up day costumes (PHOTOS)

Sep 16 2019, 10:10 am

Rookie dress-up day is a rite of passage in Major League Baseball. In involves dressing the newest members of the team up in ridiculous costumes and parading them around the stadium.

That’s exactly what the Toronto Blue Jays did for their rookie dress-up day, and the players didn’t disappoint with an array of costumes and characters.

Some were better than others;¬†many¬†were an extension of¬†the players’ own personalities,¬†while other costumes¬†were thrown together haphazardly.

Here are the Blue Jays rookie dress-up costumes ranked from worst to best.

14. No Idea: Elvis Luciano

It’s no fault of Elvis Luciano, but his costume is the least imaginative or personalized of the bunch. The purple velvet suit is a nice touch, though.

13. ???: Reese McGuire

We’re really not sure what to make of Reese McGuire’s costume, only that it’s borderline¬†hippie/herb farmer. Blue Jays reliever Derek Law tagged musician Jesse McCartney in the photo: maybe he thinks his backup catcher bears resemblance?

12. 80’s Guy: Cavan Biggio

Cavan Biggio pulls this look off so well that it almost looks like he’s in street clothes. This guy looks like he’s having way too much fun wearing run animal print pants.

11. Disco Guy: Justin Shafer

Derek Law / Instagram

It’s all about the pants.

10. Blades of Steel Skaters: Trent Thornton and Thomas Pannone

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Trent Thornton and Thomas Pannone clearly have the pose down, but the Blades of Glory costumes lose a little pizazz without the signature wigs of Jimmy Mackelroy and Chazz Michael Michaels.

9. Evel Knievel: Jordan Romano

Derek Law / Instagram

At first glace, I thought this costume might’ve been an ode to the late Dave Thomas and the Super Dave Osborne character, but it’s actually an Evel Knievel¬†costumer.

8. Pink Elephant: Billy McKinney

Kudos to anybody who wears a full head-to-toe costume like Billy McKinney.

7. Green and White Power Rangers: Anthony Alford and Jonathan Davis

Derek Law / Instagram

Fun fact number one: outfielders Anthony Alford and Jonathan Davis are brothers-in-law. Fun fact number two: before losing his powers as the green ranger in Power Rangers, Tommy reemerged as the white ranger.

6. Nacho Libre: Rowdy Tellez

Derek Law / Instagram

Blue Jays first baseman Rowdy Tellez plays the part of Nacho Libre very well, almost too well. Check out the cameo by Derek Fisher in the background as he watches in amazement.

5. Big Bird: Jacob Waguespack

Jacob Waguespack is the tallest player on the Blue Jays roster, so the Big Bird comparisons were inevitable. He’s clearly¬†having the time of his life.

4. MC Hammer: Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

This is a look that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. absolutely can pull off. If you saw him wearing this at Ruth’s Chris Steak House, would you even question his outfit?

3. Officer Jano: Danny Jansen

We’re not exactly sure if those shorts are standard police issue, but you’ve gotta appreciate Danny Jansen’s commitment to the costume here. He even took time out of his day to shave his beard into a moustache and he even helped direct traffic.

2. Jay and Silent Bob: T.J. Zeuch and Anthony Kay

Derek Law / Instagram

No, that’s not Kevin Smith, that’s Blue Jays rookie Anthony Kay playing the part of Silent Bob in this duo costume with T.J. Zeuch, playing the part of Jay. Coincidentally, Kay wears glasses, so he was a natural choice to play the shorter of the infamous duo.

1. Macho Man: Bo Bichette

Never has a costume been more on-the-nose than Bo Bichette dressing as Macho Man Randy Savage. Fortunately for Bichette, he has the full head of hair under the bandana. Bichette already rocks the Macho Man sunglasses in the field, so why not have him make the complete transformation to the late WWE champion?

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