Raising The Village

Dec 19 2017, 3:11 pm

Nobody likes extreme poverty – that’s a pretty safe assumption. A group of Canadians are coming together in an attempt to actually make a dent in the global poverty crisis, so why not join them?

Raising the Village is a non-profit organization of volunteers from across Canada that provides critical infrastructure, tools and training to recovering villages in Uganda. As a partner of the Live Below the Line campaign, Raising the Village will be challenging the way people in Canada think about poverty – and making a huge difference. And we want YOU to participate!  But there’s a twist..

For five days (April 29 to May 3), participants will consume only $1.75 of food, which puts their diet at the extreme poverty line of Canada. Sounds crazy, I know.  But, by taking us up on this challenge, you’ll actually get to experience what living in poverty is like (and once you know, it’s pretty hard not to do something about it). Expand your own perspective, help others, change the world for the better, that is the campaign’s goal.

If you can’t participate in the challenge yourself (we know you have your reasons), you can still make a huge contribution to our campaign’s goals. Anyone can sympathize for the many volunteers who will be participating in the Live Below the Line challenge, so consider donating to support them and their cause.  Our villagers in Uganda thank you in advance.

Let’s not just end global poverty, let’s crush it.

To sign up and get more information: www.livebelowtheline.com/ca-en-rtv

The official website for Raising the Village: www.raisingthevillage.org

The official website for Live Below the Line: www.livebelowtheline.com


Written by Kendra Wingerter for Raising the Village.

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