Ice-cream cookie sandwich protein exists, and you can get it in Vancouver

May 27 2019, 10:26 pm

It’s been suggested before that Vancouver is the most active city in Canada.

Whether it’s hitting up your daily spin class, hot yoga, or hitting the weights, it goes without saying that we love staying active. (And yes, we mean even during the rainy months.) But big workouts call for big recovery times, and that’s where supplement powders come in handy.

Athletes have long relied upon supplement powders to ensure that they are getting high enough levels of amino acids that are necessary to build and repair muscle — and even if you’re not a bodybuilder or athlete, starting your day with a protein shake can stabilize your blood sugar levels throughout the day, making it easier to control your body weight and food cravings. A win-win all around!

R3P Lifestyle

Vancouver-based supplement brand R3P Lifestyle has released five new flavours inspired by the summer, including Rocket Pop, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Vanilla Ice-Cream, and yes, Chocolate-Chip Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich. (We know.)

Inspired by flavours that are a huge throwback to our childhood summers, here’s what you can expect from the new range of flavours:

R3P Lifestyle

R3P Lifestyle’s pre-workout will be available in both Rocket Pop and Tropical Punch and is formulated with clinically-doses and patent-packed ingredients to help make your workout as efficient as possible. The amino workout powder will be available in both Tropical Punch and Blue Raspberry flavours, formulated to support fast recovery, more energy, and better hydration.

R3P Lifestyle

And finally (we’ve saved the best two for last), R3P Lifestyle’s new gourmet whey protein powder will come in Vanilla Ice-Cream and Chocolate-Chip Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich. You can have your cake, and eat it too, and never have to sacrifice taste for efficacy again. (Those who have a sweet tooth but still want to watch their caloric intake, look no further.)

R3P Lifestyle

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