Quebec reports 27 new coronavirus related deaths

Apr 6 2020, 10:34 am

The Quebec government announced that the province’s death toll associated with COVID-19 has increased to 121 with 27 new deaths being announced since Sunday.

“I wish to offer my condolences to families and loved ones of the 27 victims,” said Quebec Premier François Legault, as part of his daily briefing. “You don’t get used to the numbers, behind those numbers are people and families.”

Legault also revealed that known cases in the province had increased to 8,580 and mentioned that 2,942 cases are “under investigation,” while 91,533 tests have turned up negative.

“We can’t loosen any of the measures,” continued Legault. “We have to remain at home as much as possible.”

Quebec is one of the global leaders when it comes to screening tests, according to the premier, hence the consistent influx of known cases throughout the province.

“My daily thanks will be with Quebecers as a whole. We have responded best to the numbers in all of North America,” he said. “I get testimonies in hospitals and grocery stores, police officers, banks, everyone is doing their job and we’re getting through this crisis.”

Legault stressed that for Quebecers who do go outside, they are to remain two metres (six feet) away from people and are urged to wash their hands when they return to their homes.

“If we respect these guidelines, we are saving lives,” concluded the premier.

Canada’s coronavirus death toll now totals 293.