48 more people have died in Quebec due to the coronavirus

Apr 11 2020, 10:54 am

Quebec has reported 48 new deaths and 615 new recorded cases of COVID-19, as Premier François Legault made an unscheduled appearance at today’s media conference. This brings Quebec’s death toll to 289, with 12,292 known coronavirus cases in the province.

And of the total number of cases, 778 people are now hospitalized (an increase of 45 since the last update) because of the virus, with 211 in ICU (an increase of 25).

Legault began his media conference by revealing that 31 people have died at Herron nursing home in Montreal, after coronavirus outbreak in the 150-person seniors home. The first confirmed case at the home was on March 26, and by March 29 “most of the staff had deserted the residence,” said the Premier, who has asked for a police investigation.

“The owner of this residence refused to give us access to the file of the patients… the same person also owns a few other residences in Quebec,” said Legault, adding that it “looks like major negligence.”

“I want to tell Quebecers that it’s not acceptable the way that our elderly are treated Quebec,” said Legault. “It’s been a long time that we’ve known that there’s staff missing in CH facilities, that the staff is not sufficiently well paid, particularly in the private sector.” We’ve added resources in the course of the past year, but I’m not proud to see what is happening in our CH facilities.”

And while resources have been added over the last year, the premier said he’s “not proud” to see what is happening in our CH facilities.

“We are going to start by managing this crisis right now, but once the crisis is under control,” he added. “I want us to review every way that we do things in those residences.We owe it to our elderly to take care of them, to care for them with dignity.”

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