Three-Star Michelin chef lands in Vancouver for exclusive feature at Chinese fine dining restaurant

Jul 11 2022, 9:43 pm

When you walk through the front doors of QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House on Cambie and 12th Avenue, you will be transported to a fine dining experience in Beijing, China.

QuanJuDe is a historic restaurant in China. The Vancouver location opened at the start of 2020 and has been impressing visitors with its creative take on Chinese fusion dishes for the last two years. Now, the team at QuanJuDe is preparing for a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

From July 8 to 18, Chef Joseph Tse will be QuanJuDe’s chef in residence, presenting a unique and imaginative eight-course meal. Chef Tse is a Three Star Michelin Chef for the last nine consecutive years, hailing from The 8 Restaurant in Macau.

A journey to culinary greatness

Three-Star Michelin Chef Joseph Tse and QuanJuDe’s Chef Allen Renm

Three-Star Michelin Chef Joseph Tse and QuanJuDe’s Chef Allen Ren (QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House)

Working in Vancouver is somewhat of a homecoming for Chef Tse. He first lived in the city in 1990 and stayed for four years before moving to Calgary to raise his children. Over the course of his 52-year career, he honed his craft in the top restaurants in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Sweden, and Switzerland. His passion for food began when he was a boy, his father telling him, “You are a hungry boy. You should be a chef so that you can eat everything in the kitchen.”

The biggest lesson over the course of his career was understanding different ingredients and how they can work together to create something spectacular. That is what he will be doing as the chef in residence at QuanJuDe this July.

QuanJuDe has deep historical roots in China, hailing from Beijing since 1864. The restaurant is most highly regarded for its roast duck. The recipe originated in the Forbidden City during the Qing Dynasty and was regularly served to the royal family. The restaurant is now synonymous with Chinese fine dining, having hosted dignitaries and politicians including Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro on visits to the country.

Elevating Chinese fine-dining in Vancouver

One course fo eight on the special menu at the QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House, Chinese fine dining in Vancouver

The first of eight courses on the special menu (QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House)

When the opportunity presented itself to collaborate with QuanJuDe’s Vancouver location, Chef Tse could not pass it up. It was in 2017 that Chef Tse and QuanJuDe’s Vancouver owner looked at the construction site of Cambie and 12th and imagined all of its potential. Since then, the pair have been planning for a visit from Chef Tse to create a menu that showcases the best of Chinese fine dining.

From July 8 to 18, for lunch and dinner service, Chef Tse will be serving dishes that play to the senses, combining ingredients and flavours that any self-proclaimed foodie will be privileged to try. He will be collaborating with the restaurant’s executive chef, Allen Ren, who hails from the top restaurants in Beijing. Chef Ren is working to change the perception of what a Chinese restaurant is, putting an emphasis on the fine dining experience that QuanJuDe offers.

One course fo eight on the special menu at the QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House, Chinese fine dining in Vancouver

The Kanto Diakon with dried scallop (QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House)

The eight-course meal will feature everything from fresh scallops and spot prawns to short rib and king crab, with a focus on creating art through food and emphasis on the presentation. When asked what his favourite dish is, Chef Tse says with a smile, “Everything is my favourite because I love to eat.”

One course fo eight on the special menu at the QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House, Chinese fine dining in Vancouver

The sablefish dish, one of five main course dishes (QuanJuDe Beijing Duck House)

The design of the 12th and Cambie location is as unique as the items on the menu. The setting is made to feel like a library in the Forbidden City, with bookshelves, artwork, and ceiling decor all nodding to the palace museum. This restaurant creates the perfect ambiance for a fine dining experience, appealing to all of the senses.

To book a reservation between July 8 to 18 and sample Chef Tse’s eight-course menu, click here. Please put “Michelin” in the reservation notes. To learn more, visit their Facebook and Instagram.

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