"QUAKE" up Vancouver! Get prepared for the big one

Dec 19 2017, 6:32 am

We just got hit with one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on Canadian soil. Last Saturday, a magnitude 7.7 quake rocked the Haida Gwaii, just off the coast of BC. It could have just as easily been Vancouver. And what if everything that the experts and geologists have been warning about for years does happen? What if we get that 9.0 or higher megaquake that we’re overdue for? Well guess what, it’s not if…it’s when and when that time does come will you be ready?

And by ready, I mean do you have enough water, food and basic supplies to get your family or co-workers through a minimum of 72 hours (the amount of time you will be on your own without government or relief assistance) and equally important, do you have a proper emergency plan in place for you and your loved ones. Chances are some of you do, but most of you don’t, you are either unaware how to prepare, keep it on the back burner or flat out don’t care. Well you should. It’s time to make the smart choice and prepare. There are two ways one could go about doing this. Option A, do it yourself or Option B, get someone else to do it for you. Both are fine as long as you have all the proper supplies and plans in place, but I’m assuming that you are not a professional disaster planner so let’s move on to option B.

After some searching I found Turtle Disaster Solutions, a Vancouver based emergency preparedness company, whose primary focus is supplying homes and businesses around the lower mainland with top quality earthquake kits as well as providing the option of having an earthquake consultant come to your home or business and customize you or your organization with an emergency preparedness plan that covers topics such as,

  • Community and at home risk assessment
  • Written recommendations of potential safety hazards and risks in your home
  • Prepare a custom evacuation plan as well as a communication plan
  • Running you through an earthquake drill as well as well as providing tips on what to do during the shaking. (There’s more to it than Stop, Drop and Hold)
  • Show you when, if and how to shut off the gas and utilities
  • Give you tips on how to deal with the aftermath
  • Show you how to use your kit and go over each of the components with you

This is not fear mongering, this is about being prepared. There is a reason why the government and other non profit organizations spend millions of dollars a year encouraging people to get ready. And really, for the cost of taking your family out to dinner and a movie it’s definitely worth that peace of mind knowing you did all you could to prepare.

Turtle Disaster Kit

Check out their website, www.turtlekits.com it’s worth logging on and checking out their products and services, (there are some coupons on the website to save you a few bucks) plus they provide free delivery of the kits right to your door. You can call them as well at 604 537-5424.

Also check them out on Facebook @ turtle disaster kits & on Twitter @ turtlekits