Qispi Kay Beachwear sizzles up Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 2:24 pm

Vancouver just got sexier with Qispi Kay Beachwear!

Classy, bold, and with a hint of South-American flare, Qispi Kay Beachwear raises the bar for quality swimwear. Created with Peruvian craftsmanship, made with authentic Brazilian lycra, the best lycra fabric ensuring color wear and durability; Qispi Kay strives to make top-quality bikinis a staple in the Vancouver market.


Founded by designer, Sandra J. Higueras, Qispi Kay Beachwear was born out of the spirit of travel, exotic beaches, and of course, a love for all things sexy. “For years, I lived in South America, the bikini continent, and I found myself searching for the most beautiful beaches and swimwear. I love the beach, and therefore, bikinis”, says Higueras, who was actually an accomplished engineer (wow!) before starting her own bikini line. “Plus, with half my wardrobe consisting of bikinis, how could I not start my own bikini line?”



After years of studying bikini fashion and culture in South America, Higueras is ready to bring Qispi Kay bikinis to Vancouver. “I think the Vancouver market has been longing for great local swimwear. It’s about time we have something specially designed for Vancouver”, says Higueras. “I find that Vancouver women, like me, want to stand out, consistently seeking exclusivity in fashion, but also in function. I love to play sports with my swimwear, so I made sure Qispi Kay Beachwear is also made to withstand sports—very important!”



“I had the privilege of personally doing quality control on all my bathing suits”, says Higueras, determined to break away from the industry trend of mass-produced sweatshop bikinis. “Each bikini is hand-made in Peru by skilled craftswomen using years of experience and unique sewing methods. We also use some of the best materials in South-America. I hand picked the lycra myself, from Brazil and Colombia. Qispi Kay’s bikini accessories are also picked from Brazil, while others are custom made in Peru.”


But what does Qispi Kay mean exactly? “Qispi Kay means Liberty in Quechua, the language of the Incas. We chose ‘Liberty’ because we wanted the name to represent what our bikinis stand for: Independent, strong, charitable, fashion-forward and determined women”, says Higueras. “Qispi Kay’s message to all women is ‘Unleash the Peruvian Goddess in U’. We want the woman who is free from trends; she doesn’t follow them. She makes them.”



Qispi Kay Beachwear is locally sold online at their website. So be sure to check out some smokin’ bikinis before your next tropical trip, or even just for the pool party!


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