Q&A with Anne Parks - McDonald's Director of Menu Management

Hands down, it’s a cool job when millions around the world taste the recipes you develop. It’s a tough task that not many are able to do, but Anne Parks, the Director of Menu Management for McDonald’s Canada, is up for the challenge.

It probably helps that she’s had some training. In fact, Anne Parks started working for McDonald’s at 17, clocking in shifts as a crew member, and now 35+ years later, she has risen through the ranks. We sat down with her briefly to ask her about her newest creation: the veggie Signature McWrap™.

Anne Parks, director of menu management, McDonald’s Canada

Q) What tasty insights led you to conceptualize the new veggie Signature McWrap™?

A) We looked around the world for the best recipes, looked at food trends and spoke to our customers. We knew this product would resonate very well with customers because of the feedback we received – Canadians want more veggie options.

Q) When you were researching the idea of a veggie Signature McWrap™ what was most surprising about Canadians’ eating preferences? 

A) Canada is such a culturally diverse country, and as a result, the Canadian palate is evolving. We have a higher tolerance for heat and spice compared to other countries.

Q) How many other flavours did you consider and would you be able to tell us a few of the options that got nixed?

A) As part of the development process we ask customers what they like and what they don’t like. Based on this feedback we actually modify the recipes rather than removing them completely.

Q) Does the new veggie Signature McWrap flavour profiles reflect any current food trends in the industry?

A) I think convenience and portability are key food trends relevant to Canadian lifestyles. When developing the Signature McWrap™ lineup, from the ingredients to the unique package design, we kept this in mind and wanted to cater to the growing trend of on-the-go eating, especially at lunch.

Q) The whole wheat tortilla is a first for the Signature McWrap™ – can you share why you decided to bring this first to Canadians?

A) With everything that we do, our goal is to always stay relevant to Canadians’ needs and wants. Based on the feedback we gathered, we knew Canadians wanted a whole wheat tortilla.


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