Protesters Have Become Downright Haters/Terrorists

Dec 19 2017, 12:07 pm


It is really difficult to comprehend these days why some of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic opposition has morphed from protesting to actually wanting complete failure of the Games. I’ve discussed before how protesting at the Games is a waste of time. And I totally understand they don’t agree with many of the things associated with the Games… but to wish failure or tragedy to occur is just damn sickening.

When I hear about some radicals wanting to “throw hot water on Cypress” to melt the snow and hoping for a “Spring” Olympics, I wonder… why the f*** would you want your city to project badly in front of the whole world? If you really care about Vancouver, would you not want the Games to be a success so we actually benefit? so your cause can benefit?

These radicals are unpatriotic, near-terrorists, and don’t really care for their cause. They’re filled with negativity, and some just like to break the rules. They want to bring down institutions, for the fun of it. They brainwash followers who are looking for a meaning to life. Their psyche stems deep, “often just a psychological defense against unresolved emotional wounds from childhood” (link). Either that or they’re just haters, that’s my reasoning.

For those dumbasses that are protesting against capitalism… sorry, but you can’t fight it. Those are the rules of life. Work hard, play the game, and you will be rewarded. To johnny, who wants to move out of this “greedy” and “dirty” city: have you been to the States? Damn homie, they don’t even use the the tax money to fix potholes, wait till you get sick. Move to China if you want Communism.

To the protesters: freedom of speech is one thing, but to abuse that right and spew venom, and s**t on where you were born and raised is dishonourable and classless.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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