Thieves steal bike, prosthetic arm from young Metro Vancouver boy

Oct 24 2018, 9:02 pm

A recent theft in Metro Vancouver is much more than an annoyance for Breanne Davie’s nephew, who is now missing a prosthetic arm as a result.

On Tuesday morning, sometime between 8 am and 11:30 am, 12-year-old Callum’s bike was stolen from outside his family’s home in east Maple Ridge.

And while the missing bike itself was upsetting, the situation was made even more serious by the fact that her nephew has a prosthetic arm which was attached to the bike at the time of the incident – and was stolen as well.

The arm, she explained, is used specifically for his bike riding.

“He cannot use a bike without the arm,” she stressed.

Davie said the bike was located late in the day, however the arm is still missing.

“My brother happened to see a guy riding the bike by McDonald’s and grabbed him off the bike and took it back, but the arm was missing,” she said. “Someone has unscrewed it and taken it off.”

Making things worse, Davie told Daily Hive, is the fact that if the arm can’t be located, “unfortunately it takes four to five months for the [new] arm to be made.”

She said that Callum is “thankfully covered for his prosthetics under the War Amps Champs program so no donations [are] needed but the family is overwhelmingly grateful for all the support from everyone that has reached out.”

Davie said Ridge Meadows RCMP have been notified of the incident, as well.

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