Project Cupcakes: Dainty - SweeTease Cupcakes

Dec 19 2017, 6:32 am

Be it a wedding or Valentines day, there are situations that call for traditional cupcakes. You know, the cupcakes that are covered with colourful icing and floral decorations. But often times, it’s rather true that the prettier the cupcake, the more excessively sweet it is. For the longest time I stood by that belief, until I tried SweeTease Cupcakes in Vancouver. These dainty cupcakes are easy on the eyes, appropriately sweet, and shockingly addictive.

All SweeTease Cupcakes are baked with love from the owner of the business, Cathy. She’s a self-taught baker who actually just started her journey in the kitchen six years ago. Cathy clearly has a lot of talent, because it seems she has already fully mastered the baking of cupcakes.

SweeTease Cupcakes are impeccable in both their looks and their tastes. Each cupcake has a very fluffy and cakey texture and is topped off with bright icing and decorations. Even though these cupcakes all have an inch of icing on them, the icing is never too unbearably sweet at all – it’s just perfect.

Two of my favourite flavours from SweeTease are the decadent Chocolate Avalanche and the classic Red Velvet. They are cupcakes at their finest!

Beyond cupcakes, SweeTease also offers the most stunning customizable cakes; you can check out some photos of them on their site. Both cupcakes and cakes can be ordered by contacting Cathy at [email protected] or 604-779-3236. Delivery is available in the Vancouver region and catering is also offered for large events and weddings. So next time you have a birthday or any special event, get in touch with SweeTease to get some top-of-the-line cupcakes in Vancouver. Book now before orders are full!

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Twitter: @SwteaseCupcakes

Pictures and Article by: Justin Leigh (@jsleigh14). Visit his blog: the WALK&TALK.