Pro-Athletes Wives. Has cheating become accepted?

Dec 19 2017, 7:51 am

Movies and TV shows in the 80s and 90s that catered to the 19 and under crowd had the stereotypical “cool guy” who was somehow involved with the prettiest girl in the movie, or show. One of the all time favorites for many of us who grew up in this generation was Saved by the Bell. (Looking back, you begin to question how a 24-year-old looking Mario Lopez could pull off playing a 17-year-old with a deep affinity for acid washed jeans). Slater and Zack were the popular guys in school, who many of the girls wanted to be with. Slater was the star quarterback of the football team, and Zack was the best player on the basketball team until his knee injury (damn you, Mr. Belding).

As we translate it to reality, you see that many women today would love to be involved with these real life Zack Morris like guys who are professional athletes. This comes with money, fame, and all the A-list parties you could imagine. A common downside for many of these females? The cheating.

Look, you’re are not going to read that it is ok for these guys to do it, because it isn’t. The question is: if you do date a professional athlete, should it be expected?

Many of the greatest sportsman of our time have been either caught, or suspected of being unfaithful to their spouse. This list includes: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Alex Rodriguez and Shaquille O’Neal.

One of the most famous incidents involves Kobe Bryant. He was charged with sexual assault back in 2003 while in Eagle, Colorado (the charges were eventually dropped). Kobe held a press conference to state his innocence, and famoulsy said the words “The only thing I am guilty of is adultery”. He was crying during the press conference, but you have to wonder, was he upset because he got caught? Or because he legitimately felt bad for making a mistake? His wife Vanessa sat there with him holding his hand, and did not show any emotion. Was it okay for her to do this? Or would you respect her more if she took the Elin Nordegren route? Nordegren left Tiger Woods immediately when she found out. Kobe has allegedly cheated several times after that, but can his wife really be that upset? Because she has stayed with him through it all.

Jackie Christie of the TV show Basketball Wives: L.A., married former NBA player Doug Christie in 1995. She took it upon herself to make sure he never steered away, and was known as being crazy for attending every game, going on road trips with the team, and even getting involved in trash talking opposing players. It meant that much to her that he didn’t cheat on her, that she was willing to go these extremes in order for it not to happen. She obviously expected it to happen, while she wasn’t around.

Countless women have come forward about the one night stand they had with these famous married athletes, which clearly has to upset their wives. Many have stuck with their husbands through all the turmoil. Have they become numb to the fact they are being unfaithful? Or is the lifestyle that comes with being married to a high profile man too much to walk away from?

As a man (I like to think of myself as one) I cannot relate to a married female’s thinking. These guys have women throwing themselves at them at almost every public place they go to. Does the woman have enough trust in him that he has the will power to stay away? Or has cheating become acceptable to the point that the thinking is, if I don’t know, it won’t hurt me?.

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