President's Choice launches plant-based products across Canada

May 23 2019, 11:26 pm

Hot on the heels of Beyond Meat burgers breaking into food stores across Canada, one of the country’s largest grocery purveyors is entering the rin—er—garden?

From burgers to cheesecake, it’s all aboard the veggie train for President’s Choice.

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Now, you’ll be able to find brand new, totally plant-based products grocery stores offering President’s Choice items across the country.

According to the company, the summer products launched over the Victoria Day weekend across Canada in all stores, and will be rolled out until the middle of June.

PC Plant Based

These are just a few of the items you can find on your grocer’s shelves:

PC Vegan Cheesecake: Plant-based takes on dessert, this delicious vegan cheesecake is a custom blend of dairy-free cream cheese and sour cream made from a white bean base.
PC Undeniable Plant Based Burger: This 100% pea protein burger contains 20g of protein. The taste, texture and flavour are delicious. This burger is a Must-Try for the grill for those interested in more plant-based BBQ options.
PC Roasted Red Pepper Cashew Dip: This dip is 100% cashew based and one of the first vegan plant-based dips to launch in Canada. Also available in Original and Cucumber & Dill.

PC Plant Based

Additionally, the company has launched plant-based “chicken” products, and a mayo-style spread will be available from June 10.

Head on over to your nearest grocery to get your hands on this new green grub.

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