Pre-Game Eats at Cavino

Dec 19 2017, 7:22 am

If you’re looking for a spot for munchies before a Canucks game, you should give Cavino a try. Though they are a coffee bar by day, in the evenings they become a wine bar with delectable eats. Whether you are in the mood for dinner or just a quick snack, they’ve got it all.

Their Truffle Popcorn is something that I wished theatres would serve. Despite not being in a paper bag, the plate of truffle infused popcorn appeals to your sense of smell, before you even put one puffed kernel into your mouth. The scent hits you as the waitress brings it towards you. And thankfully, there are no unpopped kernels. These arrived slightly warm glistened with a touch of the truffle oil.

We also tried out their Butcher’s Plate with your choicee of three meats, all from the Oyama Sausage Company. We had Jambon Blac, Smoked Bison and some Wild Boar Salami. Each came with their own accompaniments, but feel free to mix and match. We like the Jambon with the mustard, and the salami with olives and pickles were well-paired. The only miss for me was the bison, which I loved but I thought that the chutney was a bit too cloyingly sweet for me. The platter of meats comes with both crostini and fresh bread, but I would forgo the crostini (mine were slightly stale) and just ask for all bread instead. With dry meats like these, I find the chewiness of the bread comforting.

To round things out, we tried the Gamberoni Flatbread with shrimp and mozzarella. This was quite a generous serving and the prawns were plump and juicy. The best part of the dish was the mozzarella, which melted into pools of gooeyness and gave the dish the richness factor.

Address: 1234 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Phone: 604-688-1234

Hours:  breakfast, lunch and dinner


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