Power Under The Hood - Gypsy Market Vintage Runway Show

Inspired by the power, strength and beauty of a Geisha, the Gypsy Market Vintage runway show exampled, ‘power under the hood’.

A term coined by Sarah La Greca, curator of Gypsy Market Vintage, is an explanation of the inner strength found in females that is typically masked by pure natural beauty. La Greca also expressed her fascination with the art of ninjutsu when describing her inspirations for this season. Loving the deceiving power that a ninja posses, La Greca stated that the collection was all about ‘masked’ power. The collection was a direct reflection of the saying, beautifully curated with floral capes, sleek skirts and lots and lots and lots of sheer pieces. The Gypsy Market Vintage collection was one not to miss this season at Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.

La Greca’s collection featured many must-have sheer pieces for this season with perfectly orchestrated inserts, to highlight the powerful female figure of the models, as they made their way down the runway. La Greca explained that these pieces are the foundation to her collection, as they are the essence of how females are able to ‘mask’ their strength yet, are still able to exude an undeniable beauty. Forever inspired by female strength and grace, Sarah La Greca explained that when putting together the collection for the show she was not seeking out particular pieces but, for those that truly spoke to her and what reflected beauty in her eyes.

Following the trends for the season, large prints and long sleek silhouettes also made their mark on the runway in the Gypsy Market Vintage collection. Accessorized with over the top wedges and simple jewelry, the looks were on point for this season.