Postmark Brewing adds Raspberry to their beer lineup

Jul 4 2016, 4:01 am

Nothing says summer like mixing different fruit flavours together, which is exactly what Postmark Brewing in Railtown is doing.

Taking its cues from the changing seasons, Postmark has just announced its latest summer sipper: Raspberry.

Brewed using all-natural raspberry purée from Abbotsford’s Berry Hill Farms, this wild and tart session ale with a low alcohol content (4.7%) is perfect for a balmy summer afternoon of leisurely passing the time.

Raspberry, which boasts a bold fruit finish (this brew is sure to be a hit not only with beer geeks but also with drinkers who aren’t fans of the bitterness of everyday beers), is available in a suitably bright raspberry-tinted can.

Postmark Brewing Raspberry is available primarily in six-packs ($12.95) at Postmark’s Settlement Building boutique (55 Dunlevy Avenue) and at select private liquor stores.

While the drink pours a deep bronze colour (not that dissimilar to regular beers), its packaging is certainly original.

The six-pack features a revolutionary rigid, ring-free holder that is fully recyclable and more animal-friendly than the standard six-ring plastic format.

This summer’s crop is also available in bomber bottles ($6.95) and as a growler fill ($12) at the Settlement Building.

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