Popular webcomic "White Ninja" to make animated return as online series

Dec 19 2017, 10:19 pm

North of Now Films and Whiskaye Films, both Vancouver production companies have teamed up to resurrect the hugely popular webcomic White Ninja as a web series intended for release on the video sharing platform Vine.

White Ninja was created by Scott Bevan and Kent Earle both from Saskatoon, SK and is part of the National Lampoon Humor Network. The comic ran exclusive strips on Cracked.com before going on an “official hiatus” on August 14, 2013. The strip has over 1300 comics in it’s archive and boasts a large worldwide fan base.

“With White Ninja’s built in network and deep collection of material we think that this is the perfect opportunity to showcase Canadian humour” said Tyler Funk, Executive Producer of the series for North of Now Films. “We are also very excited to be breaking new ground by creating the first web series for Vine. While some Viners have released videos meant to be viewed in succession no one has created a series of this breadth and scope for the platform.”

White Ninja is an animated, absurdist comedy series that follows the day-to-day adventures of the intellectually restricted and, apparently, pain impervious eponymous character as he interacts with turtles, peanuts and anything else that operates on the same mental level as he does.

The series is being developed and produced with Whiskaye Films, a production company run by Jameson Parker and David Kaye. “We are very excited about the incredible team we have put together for this series” says Parker, “the White Ninja name has attracted the best of writers and directors for the show and includes some of the biggest influencers in sketch comedy, stand-up, and the YouTube and Vine world.”

While the series is still in development the team is releasing an animated trailer for the series on March 1st to engage the pre-existing fan base and raise the profile of the series in anticipation of production later this year. Multiple award winning animator Erick Grigorovski is attached to the project as it’s lead animator and will also lend his talents to the trailer.

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