The 10 most popular costumes you'll see on Halloween this year

Oct 10 2017, 8:20 pm

So what’s everyone going to be wearing for Halloween this year?

Well Lyst, a fashion marketplace, has teamed up with Pinterest to predict what costumes will be most-rocked this Halloween. The pair crunched the numbers, having analyzed searches, pins, and saves across a combined pool of 180 million monthly users.

So whether you’re looking for Halloween inspiration – or sussing out which outfits to avoid like the plague – here are the most popular Halloween costumes you’ll be seeing in 2017, in order of popularity.

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Pennywise from ‘IT’


Yes, someone is going to be dressed as this sewer-dwelling clown at every Halloween party, and yes we’re going to pee our pants every single time we catch sight of that creepy ass red balloon. Welp.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things/Facebook

Stranger Things/Facebook

The show may have been out for over a year, but Stranger Things’ popularity is showing no signs of slowing (Upside) Down. And with a second season due to hit Netflix just in time for Halloween, you can expect plenty more Eleven’s, Barb’s and Dustin’s this October 31.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (2017)/IMDB

Both the iconic gold tiered dress and the blue apron dress have been pinned time and time again since the movie’s release earlier this year. But it’s not just Belle who’s getting all the attention – chip the tea cup is also a popular online search.



Potentially this year’s answer to the deer costume, the giraffe is set to be huge for 2017. Searches for giraffe-print outfits may only be up 27% since last year, but makeup and costume saves are up a whopping 1200% on Pinterest for this leggy look.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman/IMDB

Who doesn’t want to channel Gal Gadot this Halloween? Red corsets are up 115% year over year and chunky gold cuffs are flying off the shelves. Move quickly or you’ll need Wonder Woman’s super powers to track down these accessories.

Game of Thrones

jon snow

Game of Thrones/IMDb

The penultimate season of GoT gave us all kinds of feelings and now we have to wait TWO WHOLE YEARS for the finale. So what do we do? Why, dress up as our fave characters, of course! We can expect to see plenty of Jon Snow and Daenerys costumes (up 280 and 91% respectively). Well, if you incest

Baywatch Babe

Halloween costumes


The movie may have been a box-office flop this year, but that’s not stopping us from dressing up as the lovely lifeguards this Halloween. Global searches for red one-piece swimsuits were up 240% this summer. This look is definitely not for the faint of heart (or cold-blooded) – so if you’re planning on going full Pammy, you might want to start practising your slow-mo run now…


Millennial hippies (Shutterstock)

Millennial hippies/Shutterstock

With round-lenses, wide-leg Palazzo pants and flower crowns (seriously, are these EVER going away?) totally on trend right now, it’s no surprise that the hippy-dippy 60s look is so hot in 2017. Patterned flares have been up 150% since June, while other swinging sixties accoutrements have been selling out on Lyst – which is like, a total drag, man.


Horse dressed as unicorn/Shutterstock

With Frappuccino’s and cupcakes honouring this mythical creature, it won’t shock you to learn that the Unicorn is going to be popular once again. Like some kind of Coachella nightmare, you won’t be able to turn your head without risking your eyesight this Halloween – beware the horn.


Mermaid parade in New York/Shutterstock

Mythical creatures are a definite trend this year. Pinterest had more than 1.4 M saves and 8,000 searches a month globally for mermaid leggings on Lyst since July. There may be a million fish in the sea, but it’s very likely we’ll be seeing mermaids time and time again this Halloween.

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