Popchips Interview with Tommy Europe

On Tuesday November 15th, we partnered with the BC Sports Hall of Fame to bring sport fans an opportunity to see the historic Grey Cup! We caught up with hall of famer Tommy Europe and asked him a few specifics….

Diane Mizota: What does the grey cup mean to you personally?

Tommy Europe: To me, it means success, tradition, and a culmination of a great year!

DM: I understand that people are allowed to take a picture with the Grey Cup, if you could take your picture next to any sports, music or movie icon, who would it be?

TE: It would have to be Ronnie Loft, a former NFL player safety for the San Francisco 49ers.

DM: What’s your best tip for eating healthy without sacrificing great taste?

TE: Choose wisely and be aware. there are many foods out there that are good for you so I would suggest preparing meals yourself and reading the labels. Retailers like Urban Fare or Whole Foods have some great choices!

DM: Whose music are you listening to now that really motivates your own workouts?

TE: I really enjoy house music & hip-hop. Currently, enjoying Jay-Z & Kanye West and I’m excited to go to their concert coming in Vancouver next month!

DM: What’s the last movie you saw?

TE: Hall Pass… it was hilarious!

DM: What show on your dvr do you most look forward to in a week?

TE: I’m excited for the new season of Californication.

DM: We know you’re an inspirational speaker for the “hero in you” program, who do you admire most in sports & in music?

TE: In sports, I admire Ronnie Lott and I’m a fan of Seal & Drake!

DM: Here’s a taste test: just pick your preference- speed round style

Twitter or Facebook?
TE: facebook

Kim, Khloe or Kourtney?
TE: Kim

Barbeque or Salt and Vinegar?
TE: Barbeque

iPhone or Blackberry?
TE: iPhone

Madonna or Lady gaga?
TE: Madonna

Happy hour or midnight snack?
TE: Happy hour

Oscar or Grammy?
TE: Oscar

The following interview was conducted by guest blogger, popchips vp pop culture, Diane Mizota!

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