Politicians should #StopBeingADick and lose attack ads (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 5:51 pm

Tired of seeing political attack ads every time he turned on the TV, Vancouver YouTuber Joel McCarthy decided to put out a plea to all parties to please stop being a dick.

The video is part of a bigger plan to get young Canadians interested in politics and show up to vote on October 19, and part of that means taking the formality out of the discussion, according to McCarthy.

“It’s insane how boring the Canadian political system is and how infuriating it can be at times. I want to get Canadians and Vancouverites angry, essentially,” McCarthy told Vancity Buzz.

One of his first projects was to point out how infuriating the barrage of attack ads we have seen during this election campaign are. In his video, McCarthy jokes around a lot, but one of his stickiest points lands when he questions why politicians are showing our kids that it is okay to bully in order to get what you want.

“In a country that claims to take such a strong stance against bullying, why the hell are the guys trying to become our leader bullying each other?” he questions in the video.

McCarthy’s further explanation on this is much more frank.

“Before every YouTube video I watch, I have to see a video about how this politician is trying to screw us over. I think attack ads are childish. If I was donating to a party and I found out that they were spending money attacking others and not promoting their own platform, I would demand my donation back. It’s basically a competition to see who’s the biggest asshole.”

That style of politics, McCarthy thinks, is what is turning too many away from the important issues. This video is part of a larger video series for younger voters to watch in a very digestible way. It is a way to “spoon feed politics”, according to McCarthy, so people with busy lives will still understand what is going on.

In an ideal world, he wished everyone could send messages to Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper and ask them to stop being a dick. With his attempt at minting the hashtag #StopBeingADick and the popularity of his videos, he might just get his wish.

[youtube id=”G7uX3ALfYwE”]