West Vancouver Police vehicle confronts longboarders to enforce bylaw (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 10:17 am

A video has surfaced on YouTube showing a West Vancouver Police SUV that allegedly swerved in front of a group of longboarders to enforce a bylaw violation.

The police lights began to flash and the group of longboarders slid on the ground to avoid the vehicle. According to a police statement, the incident occurred on Finch Hill Road on the afternoon of April 9.

“It’s definitely the most dangerous thing I’ve been involved in,” said one of the longboarders when confronting the police officer in the video.

“Luckily everyone managed to avoid the reckless maneuver, and this footage doesn’t have to be used in court. Skate safe, and avoid the cops,” says Danny Carslon in the YouTube video description.

Longboarding is banned in West Vancouver and on some streets in North Vancouver. The sport is popular in both communities given their steep mountainside grades in some areas.

Advocates of longboarding claim that longboarding is no more dangerous than cycling. However, since longboarding is seen as a novelty, the public does not necessarily know how to react to the sport and a disagreement persists with the methodology of police enforcement.

“The interaction is now under an internal review to determine whether all WVPD Policies and Guidelines were properly followed and whether any further action is warranted in connection with this occurrence,” said West Vancouver Police in a statement.

“Subject to completion of that review, comment regarding the incident itself, or social media reaction to the incident will necessarily be limited.”

What are your thoughts on longboarding? Is it a dangerous sport on hillside neighbourhood streets? Let us know by commenting below.

[youtube id=”CWkpaGbLOa0″] 

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