Morning Buzz: The Playoffs Are Coming

Dec 19 2017, 5:34 am

For many Vancouver Canucks fans this regular was a little irregular. We watched the Canucks once again fight for the top spot in the NHL but this year it felt different. It was lacking something. This is understandable, not because Vancouver is a different hockey market but because we all went through an emotional roller coaster that ended in heartbreak on June 15, 2011. The regular season, save for a few key games, can’t replicate that feeling, passion and excitement.

For the majority of us the real season begins next week and despite the city’s lack of party plans (I still think BC Place playoff viewing parties were the way to go) the fans are once again getting ready to celebrate another, hopefully long, playoffs.

The costs of policing the playoffs were released yesterday. On the low end it will cost city taxpayers $67,000. On the high end it will be a$1,000,000. Round one, which begins next week, is estimated at $67,472, round two $86,488, round three $163,744 and the Stanley Cup Final, at $752,963 for a total of $1,070, 667.

This year we here at Vancity Buzz will be ramping up our playoff coverage. Just look at the money, that we don’t have, that we put into our new Hockey section. We’ve signed two witty, almost all knowing writers dubbed simply as Crosschecked (@Xcheched, follow them on twitter) and we’ll be introducing a few new elements.

All that we ask is that you LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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