Polar Bear Swim 2013 Vancouver

This year marks the 93rd Annual Vancouver Polar Bear Swim. Do you have the courage to ring in the New Year and cure your hangover with a refreshing dip in English Bay? 

The Vancouver Polar Bear Swim Club is one of the largest and oldest Polar Bear Clubs in the world. The first swim was in 1920 when a small number of hardy men and women took the plunge into English Bay on New Year’s Day. The annual cold water swim now welcomes thousands every year, many dressed in outrageous costumes.

To become a club member, you must register before the swim in front of the English Bay Bathhouse from 12:30pm – 2:30pm on New Year’s Day. Donations as well as non-perishable food bank items will be accepted.

Your free membership includes a commemorative button after you take the plunge. Regardless, you can be proud to say you joined the elite ranks of the Vancouver Polar Bear Club.

How many of you are ready to take the plunge?


When: January 1, 2013
Time: 2:30pm
Where: English Bay Bathhouse

Image: Mark Klotz