Pokémon World Championships 2013: Photo Recap

Dec 19 2017, 8:07 am

If you grew up in the ’90s, chances are that Pokémon was a part of your life in one way or another. This past weekend, Vancouver was proud to host the Pokemon World Championships 2013, which attracted Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) players from around the world. This championship is invitation-only and is the ultimate test of a player’s Pokémon TCG skills, strategy, and creativity”! For spectators, this event was free and offered a series of fun Pokémon activities for fans.

The opening ceremony of the event started off with an appearance from GameFreak Director Junichi Masuda who made some exclusive announcements about the upcoming Pokémon X and Y games. He gave a sneak preview of the game’s soundtrack and also showed an demo of the game’s new “Mega Evolutions” concept.

The Retail Store was very popular for guests as it sold some exclusive Pokémon merchandise for the event only. Guests who were feeling a creative were allowed to design their own Pokémon Cards at the Creative Centre.

The event will now be heading to Washington D.C. for 2014 after this year’s stop in Vancouver, which was the first time the event was held outside of the United States. Participants arrived to Vancouver from more than 30 countries for this year”s event.

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IMG_8069 (770x513)

IMG_8130 (770x513)

Pikachu Flying in the Atrium

IMG_8135 (770x513)

IMG_7999 (770x513)

Opening Ceremony Countdown

IMG_8019 (770x513)

IMG_8030 (770x513)

Gamefreak Director Junichi Masuda makes an appearance

IMG_8039 (770x513)

A preview of a battle in Pokemon X and Y is shown

A preview of a battle in Pokemon X and Y is shown

IMG_8055 (770x513)

IMG_8065 (770x513)

IMG_8066 (770x513)

This clock display should be familiar to Pokemon fans

IMG_8075 (770x513)

Guests of all ages are excited to see their Pokemon friends

IMG_8103 (770x513)

IMG_8108 (770x513)

The Championship Trophy

IMG_8114 (770x513)

IMG_8118 (770x513)

IMG_8120 (770x513)

IMG_8123 (770x513)

Fans line up to shop at the retail store

IMG_8147 (770x513)

Lounging in the Pokemon movie room

IMG_8156 (770x513)

IMG_8161 (770x513)

Challengers of all ages participate in the World Championships

IMG_8165 (770x513)

IMG_8168 (770x513)

A team of translators at the event

IMG_8171 (770x513)

IMG_8173 (770x513)

IMG_8174 (770x513)

IMG_8177 (770x513)

IMG_8184 (770x513)

IMG_8189 (770x513)

Decks of cards are inspected prior to each battle

IMG_8196 (770x513)

The IT Team

IMG_8200 (770x513)

IMG_8205 (770x513)

IMG_8212 (770x513)

IMG_8222 (770x513)

IMG_8218 (770x513)

IMG_8223 (770x513)

IMG_8231 (770x513)

IMG_8234 (770x513)

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