Podcast: Flix Anonymous reviews Jason Bourne, Nerve, Bad Moms and more

Jul 30 2016, 2:11 am

This week on Flix Anonymous, Trev & Steve tell you if Jason Bourne is as good as the previous films in the series, and give reviews on the rest of the new releases for the week.  

Flix Anonymous is a weekly podcast for cinephiles who have an addiction to film.

Steve Stebbing “Stevil Dead” (CKNW and League of Manchildren Film Critic) and Trevor Dueck (Daily Hive Film Critic) have joined forces to bring you Flix Anonymous, a podcast that will bring you a fresh perspective on the cinematic universe each and every Friday.

Over the course of 45-plus minutes, this dynamic duo will help you separate the “must sees” from the “wait-for-VODs” helping you to decide what’s worth watching during the week ahead. Don’t expect your regular stuffy film critics however, this is a fun, no-nonsense take on everything entertainment.

So if you’re addicted to film and television, this podcast is here to help. Check out Flix Anonymous on TwitterFacebookSoundcloud, and of course Daily Hive, League of Manchildren and now Cannabis Life Network.

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