5 haunted houses at Fright Nights this Halloween you need to visit

Sep 28 2017, 3:58 am

The scariest time of year is creeping up on us.

And to intensify this, Playland at the PNE will be home to a series of terror-inducing attractions that you need to visit at Fright Nights.

Imagine your worst nightmare in real life, the scariest things you could ever think of and more, because you’ll get to experience them all on select days at Fright Nights from October 6 to 31.

Brace yourself for a thrilling Halloween as you explore the eight haunted houses at the spooky Halloween howling event before jumping on 20 creepy rides, and catching a glimpse of live performers.Tickets are available from $22 online or you can buy a rapid pass starting at $65 which includes all the perks of the FrightPass plus entrance into the Rapid Pass line.

To help you get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve listed the top five haunted houses that you can enter at Fright Nights…if you dare.

The Bloodshed

The Bloodshed/Fright Nights at Playland

This Halloween hell-inspired house is brand new to Fright Nights this year and you need to see it. Enter at your own risk where family of mutated murderers and sadistic aberrations feed on your fear and your insides. Just so you know, their foundation is built on the blood and bones of their victims.


Asylum/Fright Nights at Playland

Check into this haunted hospital where deranged doctors return from the dead and treat you as their patients. Beware, “you may check out with less body parts than you arrived with.” Um, that’s pretty terrifying.


Whatever you fear most, you’ll come face-to-face with it in the Fear realm. Think of the things that make you scream like a little girl, cringe in horror, or shrivel in disgust. There will be a dentist waiting for you, a cliff around the corner, animals waiting to attack, and germs…everywhere. Good luck making your way through this one, you’ll need it.


Darkness/Fright Nights at Playland

You’ll get to witness the fate of those who bargained with the angel of death at the Darkness house. Here, within these walls lurk creatures born of pure evil. And they only return to torture those who are lost in the dark.

Keepers Doll Factory

If you’re someone who thinks that nothing scares them, then you should put that to the test at the Keepers Doll Factory. Inside, cloaked men lurk through the halls in search of human sacrifices to harvest limbs from. If you choose to enter you might end up leaving with a few less parts and extra cracks than you came in with.

But the terror doesn’t end there. You’ll want to check out Hollywood Horrors, a house hidden in the shadows where you’ll find a cannibalistic genius, Car-N-Evil where you’ll be confronted by clowns, and the classic Haunted House where you’ll meet destructive descendants of the Van Horn family… and they might even stalk you for a while.

Don’t worry if you’re shaken up after you go into these houses, you can smile again for a while when you watch the comedy act Monsters of Schlock performing their slapstick stunt show on most Friday Nights.

Fright Nights at Playland

When: Select dates between Friday, October 6 and Tuesday, October 31
Time: 7 pm to midnight or 1 am depending on the day
Where: Playland at the PNE – 2901 E Hastings Street, Vancouver
Price: Tickets are available online from $22 and/or you can upgrade to a rapid pass, starting at $65, depending on the date – Tickets available via Fright Nights, at the gate, and also at Lower Mainland 7-Eleven Stores starting October 4.

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