Pluvio Umbrellas gives you piece of art that keeps you dry

Dec 19 2017, 8:20 pm

On average, Vancouverite’s spend 161 days per year in the rain. We can’t do anything about the weather of course, but if brand new Vancouver-based company Pluvio Umbrella’s has anything to say about it, you’ll at least shelter from the showers in style.

Launching this month, Pluvio was started by Vancouver’s Jonathon Bonder. Trying to track down a nice, practical gift for his girlfriend, Bonder was struck by the fact that there was nothing really available from artists.

“I was searching the web, and I came across some stuff that was interesting, different than the normal plain black umbrellas,” Bonder told Vancity Buzz. “I was just amazed how there was nothing artistic. Nothing with cool designs by cool artists. It was all kind of mundane.”

After immersing himself “in the umbrella world,” Bonder had the idea of partnering with artists and designers, giving them the opportunity to get their work literally into the hands of the people.

“Some of them have t-shirts and collectibles, or have their own books, but there’s never been a way to express art on this platform,” he says. “It looks really amazing when it’s done.”

The artists contributing to Bonder’s first round of umbrellas include artist collective The London Police, Sasha Unisex, and National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale. Vitale’s umbrella, titled “Colors of Haiti,” contribute five dollars from every sale to The St. Lukes Foundation for Haiti.

“I wanted stuff that’s contemporary, done by respected and well-known artists as well,” he says. “I wanted to work with good people, to be honest… a lot of the people I work with their charitable, and they’re just good people to work with.”

Designed to be an exclusive exercise, each umbrella is limited to 200 per design. After they sell out, they’re gone.

“I’m planning a new launch for June/July,” says Bonder. “It’s all limited and exclusive, because I have the stock right now but once it’s done that’s it. We’ll get new artists and new designs.”

Bonder says that as the business goes on he hopes to connect with new artists and designers, providing new platforms for creators on a rotating basis.

“The artists I’m picking, they’re very carefully selected. They’re artists and works I want people to see,” he says. “I think that they’re deserving to be seen, and they’re amazing.”

The first cycle of Pluvio Umbrellas are now available to ship worldwide. To learn more, visit the Pluvio Umbrellas website.