Playoffs just started and everyone is already making fun of the Leafs again

Apr 19 2023, 7:38 pm

Haven’t Toronto Maple Leafs fans been through enough?

Tuesday night’s playoff opener qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment, as Toronto lost 7-3 on home ice.

This year was supposed to be different, but Leafs fans have told themselves that before. And maybe it will yet.

But Game 1 was a disaster.

The pressure on the Maple Leafs to at least get past the first round this year was already high. Now it’s off the charts.

Toronto hasn’t won a playoff series in nearly two decades, as their 19-year run of futility is the longest active streak in the NHL. The Leafs have been bounced in the first round every year since 2017, except for 2020 when they didn’t even make it to the first round after they were upset by Columbus in the qualifying round.

So to lose as they did in Game 1 was soul-crushing.

But for everyone else in Canada who hates the Leafs? Well, for them it was hilarious.

Here’s a sample of the people that found joy in Toronto’s misery:

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