Local filmmaker makes short doc on Vancouver's Platform 7 coffee shop (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 4:45 pm

Local filmmaker Justin Pelletier recently found a subject matter that he thinks is good to the last drop: his local coffee shop, Platform 7.

Pelletier turned his love for the intimate East Hastings Street cafe, which brews Stumptown coffee in a space designed to emulate London’s Paddington Station, into a lovely four-minute documentary. We asked Pelletier a bit more about his film and the subject of coffee. Check out the video below to see his work.

What prompted you to make Platform 7 your subject?

Justin Pelletier: I’ve always been interested in what Vancouver has to offer in the coffee realm. I’ve been to a lot of amazing coffee shops throughout the city and it just so happened that the most ‘stand-out’ one I’ve discovered is just two blocks from my house here in East Village. A diamond in the rough, really.

What do you think makes Platform 7 and coffee culture in Vancouver so compelling?

Well, first off, I feel that Vancouver loves its coffee – so much so that it lends opportunity to coffee entrepreneurs to experiment with their own unique coffee experiences. Platform 7, to me, is so unique because of three main things – the design, the people and the vibe. Marke McNicole, the owner, has done an outstanding job making sure all of these things are ‘in line’ with his vision. Really, hats off to him – he knows what’s up.

What did you shoot this on? How long did it take?

I shot this entire project on my Sony A7S. It took me about a week total, from beginning filming to having a finished film.

What’s your usual coffee order?

There’s so much to choose from at Platform 7 – choosing your coffee is a journey in itself. My usual ‘go-to’ is the pour-over coffee. This method really brings out the true flavour of each brew which allows for a ridiculous medley of tastes to present themselves. Honestly, though, I’m on the road to trying everything.

[vimeo id=”134790212″]