Why plant-based coffee enhancers are the hottest new coffee trend

Oct 24 2018, 2:23 am

There are so many new and exciting food trends popping up every day, so you’ve got to give them a try, right?

Lately, plant-based coffee enhancers are on the rise, gaining more popularity among vegans, vegetarians, and coffee enthusiasts looking for the next big thing to take the flavour of their cup of joe from zero to amazing.

People want to try something new and exciting to enhance their coffee experience and are leaning towards alternative options for the following reasons.


Finding non-dairy coffee enhancers can be a real struggle, period. This is why plant-based coffee enhancers are your new best friend. When you want to treat yourself and add something extra to your morning coffee, you don’t have to think twice about adding in a drop of this kind of enhancer. Simply decide what flavour you want to add and stir it in. It’s easy.

Don’t worry — you’ll still get to enjoy a velvety smooth morning cup of coffee. Plant-based coffee enhancers give you that added sweet taste with just the right amount of substance, all while featuring simple ingredients.

All of the flavour

Whether you’re a lover of lattes, americanos, espressos, or cappuccinos, or straight-up drip coffee, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a little bit and add some exciting new flavours. Plant-based alternatives allow you to add everything from almond vanilla flavours to sweet coconut touches to your beverage.

A blissful choice

Coffee/Coffee-mate Bliss™

Coffee-mate™ may have been a staple in your house growing up, and now the brand has launched a new line of plant-based and all-real dairy coffee enhancers with Coffee-mate Bliss™.

Made with simple ingredients and without any GMOs, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Coffee-mate Bliss™ can elevate your cup at any time of the day. You can choose between vanilla, sweet cream, and hazelnut options made from real cow’s milk.

And if you prefer a dairy-free, plant-based addition, there’s also coconut sweet crème and almond vanilla options. Now take a moment to think about how much more bold and delicious your coffee will taste.

To upgrade your coffee, find Bliss in the dairy aisle at grocery stores such as Sobeys, Safeway, and Save on Foods.

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