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Dec 19 2017, 6:38 pm

The first question that people ask is, “How did he propose?” and it’s a timeless story that you tell over and over again.

Karen and Kimberly are the duo behind Just Because Vancouver. They’re considered wacky, great listeners, outrageously creative, and also the best proposal planners you could ask for.

For years, they have both been in relationships, and they’d be lying if they said they never complained about their boyfriends not being sweet. They used to help plan each other’s birthdays and anniversaries, and even joke around that they would eventually plan each other’s wedding proposals.


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It was then they realized that there was a lack of tools in Vancouver and no one-stop source for all things wedding proposal in particular.

How much are you supposed to spend on a wedding proposal? How do you set up a space while you’re with them? How can you turn the things they like into decorations?

Penthouse Proposal ­(Kim James at kim­

Penthouse Proposal ­(Kim James at kim­


With social pressures from YouTube, there are so many misconstrued myths and expectations about proposing out there. To bridge this gap, Just Because Vancouver was created in February 2015.

What exactly do they do?

Since this is a new industry, people don’t quite understand what proposal planning is just yet. In a nutshell: it is a collaborative process where they work with the proposer to craft a personalized idea unique to the couple. Afterward, they turn those ideas into a reality that the client can see and touch. Proposers can pick and choose what they like or don’t like from their suggestions – ­ it’s like build­-a-­bear, but build­-your-­proposal. Examples include re-creating first dates, favorite travel destinations, or a theme that describes the couple.

Beyond that, they consult with the proposer to cover things they might not think about, like how to trick their significant other to unsuspiciously go out somewhere, or where to hide the ring? On the day of, they’ll go through a proposal rehearsal of where to stand for the photographer, and practice how to propose. All of this is to prep the proposer with confidence, so they know exactly what to expect.

French Countryside Proposal ­(Kim James at kim­

French Countryside Proposal ­(Kim James at kim­


Making the decision to propose is pretty nerve­wracking already, it’s another thing to pop the question. However, the duo understands the concerns of there being a third party that could seemingly “interfere” with such an intimate and private moment.

So instead, think of them as wedding proposal concierges; they oversee all operations and logistics to ensure there won’t be random construction happening nearby, or that there is more than just five candles scattered around. They even make really great security guards – “Stop! No trespassing, please! There’s a proposal going on!”

Instead, there will be a stunning set­up ready to wow your significant other that appropriately expresses your love.

Autumn Dock Proposal ­ (Amish Solanki at

Autumn Dock Proposal ­ (Amish Solanki at

A walk down memory lane

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